Cole Aldrich Does Not Appreciate Your Prank Calls (With Update)

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Following the jump is a link to a voice mail message left by Jayhawks center Cole Aldrich, to one of the many Kansas State fans who had been prank calling him yesterday.

Early Thursday evening, someone nicknamed SabiNation left what he claimed was Aldrich's cell phone number on the KSUFans message board. With the Wildcats and Jayhawks scheduled to go at it on Saturday afternoon, Kansas State fans took the opportunity to call and text Aldrich their best wishes. Aldrich was not amused.


The Kansas center returned at least one of the calls, and left the following message. At least this is supposed to be him; many KSU message boarders swear it's authentic. Here ya go.

For the YouTube impaired:

"Yo what's up, this is Cole Aldrich talking back. Yeah, I got your message. I can't wait to come to Manhattan and dunk the ball all over you motherfuckers. It will be the greatest day in Kansas basketball history. I can't wait to go in there and fucking drop 20-10 on you goddamned motherfuckers. See you there, bitch." *end of message*


So yeah, if any of you goddamned motherfuckers can further authenticate this, please give us a shout. At any rate, Saturday's game should be fun.

UPDATE: Deadspin commenter HochuliApology writes: Rick: That was Cole Aldrich. My friend Ali, a KSU grad was the guy who helped rile him up. The number is xxx-xxx-xxxx. I am trying to get out of him what exactly he said, he told me the number is going around like wildfire.

Sorry, not going to show the phone number here. But if you beg HochuliApology, he'll probably give it to you.

Meanwhile, another reader says the YouTube clip is a fake. You can hear Cole Aldrich in a KU press conference here. You be the judge.


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