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Colin Cowherd Comes Clean, Spurring World Peace

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As The Mighty MJD initially reported Saturday, ESPN's Colin Cowherd, after stealing a bit from blog The M Zone last week, finally did apologize today and point out that he swiped the material directly.


A reader braved the wilds of ESPN Radio to listen in, and sends us this rough transcript:

Cowherd: Two things we take a lot of pride in. . .One we try to be different. . .Two is work ethic. . .the least we owe you is a really good day's work. . that said, last Wednesday, at this very time. . . last 5 minutes of the show we presented a very funny and very smartly written fake Wonderlic test. . .the people who run michiganzone.blogspot created it. . they were furious with us. . .they deserve all the credit because it was very smart and very funny. . today, mzone gets the credit for this. . we have no problem with giving people credit. . .you tell us where you got it, we will give you credit. . .burden falls on me, its my show. . .last Wednesday, I didn't do a good enough job checking. . there you go. . you can go to Google and punch up Mzone. . they are absolutely killing me and that's fine. . .interesting thing about all this is. . .all this really got me going this weekend. . emotions flowing. . .I wrote a book this weekend. . .called "To Kill A Mockingbird". . totally original. . talks about social issues.. ."

So, Cowherd apologizes under pressure from ESPN, and The M Zone gets a nice little week of traffic out of this whole business. And we all can hold hands and smile and laugh about the old days, back when radio people pilfered items found online and used them without credit. Those were the days, weren't they? So glad they're past us.

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