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Colin Kaeperpicks: Week 2 Sunday Night GIF Roundup

Seahawks 29, 49ers 3: It was a long night for the 49ers, and that's not counting the hourlong weather delay. Seattle's defense and Marshawn Lynch provided most of the points, while Colin Kaepernick was tormented and flushed out constantly. The noisy Seattle crowd might have helped San Francisco block a punt, but the Seahawks bounced back and prevailed.


Sidney Rice held on to a pass as he collided with Eric Reid; Rice then spun the ball after getting up, drawing an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Reid left the game with a concussion, but Rice wasn't even taunting and spinning the ball at the defender, as he's clearly facing away from Reid. Or maybe they were talking about Carlos Rogers? Either way, a dumb penalty.

The first touchdown of the game was Marshawn Lynch slashing through a gap between his left guard and center and breaking through the secondary untouched for six. Seattle's offensive line is outstanding at maintaining blocks. After an extra point, the Seahawks led 12-0.


Lynch also scored the second touchdown of the game, literally walking into the end zone. Surprisingly, there was no obscure rule to flag him for walking.


Kaepernick's third interception of the night looked like it was thrown straight to Kam Chancellor, who ran it back to the two-yard line. Lynch then fell over for his third touchdown, and Jim Harbaugh presumably became so furious that his emotions actually circled back and transported him into a state of tranquility. Probably.

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