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College Hoops Compendium: Where To Start...

An effort to hit the high points in yesterday's college basketball action would be futile... there wasn't much that happened yesterday that wasn't significant. If you sat on your ass and watched college hoops all yesterday, I salute you.

We should all be mad at Pitt and USC for refusing to show up yesterday. You may have spent some time watching those games, thinking they were important, while Jamie Dixon and Tim Floyd clearly didn't, robbing you of time you could have spent watching something more exciting. For instance, the ridiculous ending of the Miami/Akron game, a Vermont player pulling off perhaps the posterization of the season, or a hotly contested WAC championship.


Speaking of the Miami/Akron game, a gentleman named Matt Sussman has this piece on the MAC's inability to operate a clock. The clock operator doesn't start the clock quickly enough, and this is something they can go back and review? West Virginia would like a word.

There were also heroic efforts by Kevin Durant and Greg Oden, as well as another in a string of recent Florida Gator ass-beatings. Memphis rolled to an easy win in Conference USA, a conference that should be forced to change its name, lest it continue to embarrass a proud nation.

And all of it sets up what should be another fine afternoon of college ball. There's an Ohio State/Wisconsin rematch, Kevin Durant vs. a Kansas team that everyone's falling in love with, and then Florida and UNC continue to sludge through whatever mediocrity their conference throws at them. If you have another day to sit on your ass and do nothing but watch college basketball, again, I salute you.

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