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Remember that whole Quinnipiac women's volleyball/cheerleading Title IX thing? Fine, refresh your memory here. And here. So, we agree volleyball was about to get nixed but didn't because cheerleading isn't a sport for gender-equity purposes ... or something?



Well, the Quinnipiac Chronicle is reporting that the out(wo)manned volleyball team — with a 6-22 record — had to tap non-players in for their regular-season-closing matches against St. Francis (N.Y.) and Central Connecticut State.

Three softball players will sub in for the women's volleyball team this weekend, according to volleyball players Amanda Armstrong and Taylor Payne, who appeared on John Muzzy and Mike Auletta's "Under Center" on WQAQ earlier this evening. ...
Absent from volleyball's previous game against Bryant were sophomore Logan Riker, freshman Bonnie Conklin, junior Brittney Garrett, and freshman Nicole Rosenkilde, leaving the team with eight available players.


What's it all mean in the grand scheme of gender entitlements? Got me. But I'll bet there are some pissed-off cheerleaders talking about they're dedicated enough to show for their sport, er, non-sport. And using the word "slut" a lot.

(H/T Larry N.)

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