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Here's Iowa State wrestler Kyven Gadson, who'd just won the 197-pound NCAA championship via a signature move he calls "The Gadson." The post-match interview, above, is great.

The ESPN interviewer, Quint Kessenich, has a dutiful go at wringing some Best Moment ESPY tears out of the euphoric champ, mentioning the "family adversity" Gadson faced along the way to his title. That's a reference to Gadson's dad, who taught him to wrestle and then passed away the day after Gadson won the Big 12 title as a sophomore two years ago. Gadson's a liiiiiittle too excited to squirt any, though, so Kessenich makes one last pass to see if he can crack him.


"What's it feel like?" he asks.

Gadson pauses. For a second, his face goes slack. And then ...

See for yourself. What a magical moment.

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