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It’s a little after midnight out in Indiana on this fine Wednesday night, and Jim Irsay has tweeted an extremely graphic picture of a nude woman.

The Colts owner deleted the tweet after it had been up for about 12 minutes, but an extremely NSFW screencap is below so that Irsay’s horniness and/or hack is preserved for posterity. (It would seem to be a hack, given that he tagged organizations such as the Indiana Pacers and a local news station in a tweet two minutes later, with no written content apart from the list of tags.)


Also seeming to indicate that it’s a hack? The fact that he tweeted his own handle at a message of his from earlier this month about a prior hack. And, uh, there’s additionally the fact that this image cannot be found anywhere else on the internet by reverse search, which would imply that it might be a sext of some sort rather than ordinary porn. UPDATE (1 a.m. ET): The image was not picked up in a reverse search due to Google’s settings, but it does in fact exist on the internet! Deadspin regrets the error. The woman pictured is Hungarian porn actress Anette Dawn, and the full-size image can be found here, if you are inclined to open something else that is extremely not safe for work. Your best choices, then, are a hacked account or a very horny Irsay.


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