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Comcast Writers Not Even Trying Anymore

Comcast's television guide writers have taken a new approach to crafting their NBA game descriptions. Simply throw at a dart at the team rosters and whatever name you hit becomes the star of the game.


Matt Barnes did lodge seven rebounds in 25 minutes (and 0-6 shooting), but was not that pivotal in the Magic's win over the Clippers. However, one might argue that Anthony Parker did more harm than good against the Grizzlies last night. (2 points, -11.) If only there were someone else in Cleveland's starting roster that might have drawn in more viewers....

By the way, if anyone reading this works for Comcast or knows someone who might be responsible for writing these magical blurbs, please contact us. We want to party with you, cowboy.

[Thanks to Joe, James and all the others who sent screengrabs.]

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