Look here, Rob Buska, whoever you are. I am Napkin Gladwell, journalist and bestselling author of books people read on airplanes. I am not a photographer. I am not in Australia. And I was certainly not "snapping" Venus Williams's "goods."

A reader sends us the following:

I am a board operator at a station that syndicates Sporting News Radio programming at night. It's fucking terrible stuff. Last night around 5:30 a.m. host Rob Buska started talking about the Australian Open and the Venus Williams story, and about 30 seconds into the clip I've attached, he credits the photos of Venus to Napkin Gladwell. I am not positive whether he understands what he is doing. On the one hand, it seems kind of tough to get confused about the whole thing, since the original post is credited to Barry Petchesky and since the picture of Napkin Gladwell should make it clear that it's a bit. On the other hand, you can tell from this clip and the rest of his show that this guy is a moron. At no point in this audio or anywhere else in the show does he give any indication that he is anything but dumb enough to think Napkin Gladwell is a real person who is taking photos at the Australian Open. So that's the version of events I tend to believe, and if that version is true, I thought you would enjoy knowing that someone out there thinks there's a photographer running around Australia whose parents named him 'Napkin.'

The audio is above. Have a listen. My next essay, "Cocky: What Exposed Dong Tells Us About Subprime Mortgages And The American Culture Of Ownership," will be out shortly.

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