BALCO Twin Powers, ACTIVATE! Form of: boxing! Shape of: "Sugar" Shane Mosley! Now we have to wonder if that really was sugar that inspired his nickname.

When it comes to steroid accusations, defenses come in three categories: (1) I didn't know what I took, (2) I didn't take it (3) They were Miguel Tejada's, or (4) I did take them, but I'm retired, so what difference does it make? After reports surfaced that Mosley had "unknowingly" used steroids from BALCO Labs back in 2003, Mosley is using Canned Argument No. 1:

"I didn't know anything about that stuff. It was something given to me, pushed up on me. I'm a health freak-type of guy. I like to have everything organic, natural. I believe you keep the organic and natural things and you will live longer. Maybe that's why I look and feel as young as I do. I am very in tuned with my body."

Ever drink Mountain Dew or eat at Taco Bell? Because that stuff's not natural or organic at all.

If Mosley wants to continue his career using 100 percent natural supplements, he should stick to collecting the stars from the "Punch-Out!!" Nintendo game.

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