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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Congress Decides That It's Time ... For The Comfy Chair!

Illustration for article titled Congress Decides That Its Time ... For The Comfy Chair!

I know that this isn't the favorite part of your day, but it must be done: Here's your Roger Clemens update. Noting direct contradictions in testimony given by Clemens to a congressional committee in a private hearing on Feb. 5 and at a public hearing on Feb. 13 regarding steroids, congressional leaders have asked the Justice Department to consider a possible perjury investigation. Henry Waxman (tenting fingers): "Release the hounds!"

In a letter sent Wednesday to Attorney General Michael Mukasey, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee chairman Henry Waxman and ranking Republican Tom Davis said Clemens' testimony that he "never used anabolic steroids or human growth hormone warrants further investigation."


Clemens' former trainer, Brian McNamee, who claimed under oath that he injected the pitcher with HGH, is not expected to undergo further investigation.

"We didn't think Roger Clemens was telling the truth," Waxman said. "We feel it's important for (the Justice Department) to take a special look at this (and) see if any laws were violated. It's going to be up to them" whether Clemens will be prosecuted.


So, this is a long way from being over, kids. And despite your protests, you know you want it.

UPDATE: The FBI has officially opened an investigation into Clemens' testimony. Uh oh.

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