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Connor Cook's Dad Seems To Be A Big Shithead

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Connor Cook, long projected to be picked in the early rounds of the NFL Draft, ended up slipping to the Raiders in the fourth round. A report about why he fell despite his obvious talent pointed to attitude problems and a bad rap from his teammates. According to the Detroit News, there wasn’t one incident that turned teams off, but rather, nobody seemed to like Cook much:

While many players fall because of an isolated incident, there was no such issue with Cook, but teams questioned his behavior — off the field and toward teammates.


Detroit Sports Rag posits that teams look at quarterbacks’ fathers when they evaluate their draft-worthiness, and what they found when they dug into Connor’s father Chris soured enough of them for Cook to fall to the fourth. I have my doubts about how much these tweets really affected Cook’s stock, but man, get a load of this shitbag.

Cook’s tweets are protected, but check out his bio:

DSR dug up a bunch of tweets and this dude has some bad, homophobic takes:


He also has some cool thoughts on foreigners.


This one is my favorite.


Here’s Cook telling someone who gave his son a late hit that he’d fuck him up.


Does any of this feel familiar?


We look forward to Chris Cook becoming the lead college football analyst at Fox Sports.

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