Moments after Charlie Ward defeated John Redmond at today’s Bellator 187 in Dublin, an overstimulated Conor McGregor hopped into the ring, hug-tackled the victor, and argued with referee Marc Goddard.

McGregor, in street clothes, jumped into the ring to celebrate with Ward, his teammate. When Goddard tried to get him the fuck out of there, McGregor followed him and gave him a shove. It was a bit surreal to watch McGregor get pinned to the fence as he bumped into a dazed Redmond:

McGregor returned and was stopped at the top of the fence by another official. McGregor tried to smack him and was escorted from the ring.


According to Bellator commentator Jimmy Smith, Goddard was irritated because he was trying to officially decide the match:


Conor must have been all excited from seeing a particularly big boat.

[Bloody Elbow]