Sometimes our readers send in great tips that yield unexpected, rich, fascinating stories. And sometimes our readers send in tips that are powerfully useless. This is one of those times. But if you can see where this useless tip was going, you can win a prize. Read on:

From: Jon
To: The Staff

I have a photo and video of [redacted] in a Steelers jersey from this past weekend... He was on one of those "duck boats" with his family, who was also in Steelers gear as well; presumably to mix in with everyone else and stay under the radar. Nobody realized it was him, but when I asked him, he told me politely to keep quiet.

Jon then sent Deadspin video editor Tim Burke the video, which we've provided above.

Burke responded:

That is not [redacted].

But Jon insisted:

His wife is in the video too... Google image search "[Redacted] wife" and look at the video.


That's not [redacted's] wife, either. But who did Jon think he saw? Put your guesses in the comments. First one to get it right will win a prize—free shit from our desk—and we'll award prizes for any other impressive guesses. Good luck.

We have a winner: It's Rex Ryan. Yeah. Here's a close-up of "Rex":