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It seems we have proven once again that, when it comes to baseball, you should probably take what we say and expect the exact opposite. The team from Columbus, Ga. beat Kawaguchi City, Japan, 2-1, on Monday to claim the Little League World Series title, as America finally exacts revenge for the World Baseball Classic. Take that, Hello Kitty!

But Georgia's victorious march through Williamsport was not without controversy. Specifically, the Columbus manager was accused โ€” by an opposing team's parent, during a game, of course โ€” of throwing his team's final game of pool play last week. The Northern League (Ga.) Blog has the details:

Apparently Connie Watson, the mother of Phoenix, Ariz., player Hunter Rodriguez, thinks Northern didn't try to win. Watson ran up and down the Northern side yelling at the players. She then started yelling at the Northern fans. Police had to remove Watson from the game in the sixth inning. "This is totally wrong," Watson told the East Valley (Ariz.) Tribune. "They laid down their bats. This isn't hearsay, it's absolute fact."

Columbus had already secured advancement to the semifinal round when it lost to the team from Illinois, with that result eliminating Arizona. Look, it's all pretty complicated. Just know that all of the kids involved are playing Madden '07 right now and don't remember a thing about it.

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