Cops: Bobby Jenks Said He Smashed Into A Car In A Strip Club Parking Lot And Had To Get Out Of There

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We told you this morning about Bobby Jenks's DUI arrest much earlier this morning. Now there are more details from Jenks's arrest report, and they do not reflect positively on the Red Sox reliever.


For instance, Jenks allegedly weaved through all three lanes of the road. The cop asked why Jenks was weaving. He replied, "Because I took too many muscle relaxers."

And more:

While the paramedics were on scene, Deputy Sutphin asked Jenks if he had taken anything else other than his muscle relaxers and Jenks replied, "I'm going to be honest with you, I was just leaving Babes because I hit a car. I just head to get out of there.

According to The Ultimate Strip Club List, Babes of Fort Myers has a solid 3.5-star rating and exclusively white dancers, for your information.

During the instructions, Jenks could not keep his feet heel to toe. Jenks then started to walk and stopped before the start of the exercise. During the exercise, Jenks did not touch heel to toe on several steps and only took eight steps on the first set of nine. Jenks then made an incorrect turn, used his arms for balance, and never took the second part of the exercise. Jenks then stated to me "I can't do this." When I asked Jenks why he could not do the exercise, his reply was "I'm messed up."


The report concludes in mystery:

[REDACTED SENTENCE.] At the completion of my paperwork Jenks was unable to produce a urine sample. [REDACTED SENTENCE.] I did not deem him a refusal because he was unable to produce a urine sample the entire time.


Are these two sentences evidence that the Lee County Sheriff's Office is improperly protecting Bobby Jenks's dong? What are they hiding? What is Bobby Jenks hiding? More at 11.

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