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New Orleans police are investigating what happened at a New Orleans nightclub this week after a couple said Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan harassed one of them, then sprayed both with champagne. The police released their initial report today, and it includes several snicker-inducing details, like when the boyfriend said Jordan told him “I can have any bitch that I want.” Less amusing are all the ways in which the report outlines how Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Deputies working a detail at the club refused to investigate, ignoring requests both from the offended couple and a fellow law enforcement officer.

According to the police report, the woman said she and her boyfriend were at the Republic Club in New Orleans in the early hours of Sunday for her sister’s birthday party. (Both their names are redacted from the report.) As they stood in their section of the club, Jordan walked by and shook her boyfriend’s hand. The boyfriend then followed Jordan into the bathroom to “admonish him about being disrespectful,” the report said. What he did that was disrespectful isn’t mentioned in the report. WWL-TV in New Orleans reported earlier today that sources said Jordan “swatted the woman on her buttocks.”


Here is how the boyfriend described to police what happened in the bathroom:

Upon entering the restroom, he approached Mr. Jordan and asked him why he was disrespectful to them (REDACTED and the known victim). Cameron Jordan stated, “I can have any bitch that I want.” REDACTED stated that he told Mr. Jordan that she was not a bitch, she’s my girlfriend. Cameron Jordan then asked, “How much do you weight? 180?” After REDACTED told him that he weighed 190 lbs, Mr. Jordan suddenly picked up REDACTED and held him high in the air against his will while passersby took pictures. REDACTED stated that Mr. Jordan told him that he had struck other people for less.

Jordan put him down and the boyfriend left the bathroom, returning to his girlfriend. Soon afterward Jordan walked up to them with a cold bottle of champagne. From what the girlfriend told police:

He shook the champagne, pointed the bottle at them, and sprayed the two with champagne. When she raised her hands and asked Cameron Jordan why she was sprayed with the champagne, security guards quickly escorted the two out of the establishment.


Her boyfriend gave the same details in the report, telling police that the bouncers escorted them out “as if they were wrong.”

Outside they saw Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies, and the boyfriend them what had happened. The deputies, according to the report, “listened to his accusations but took no police action.”

The deputies agreed that what Cameron Jordan had done was wrong and added that they would probably have done the same thing but the deputies failed to take law enforcement action or detain Cameron Jordan until the responding police could take over the investigation.


At one point, state police drove by, but they also told the couple the same thing—they had to call New Orleans police. The boyfriend called 911, then went to the 8th District Police Station for help. Sgt. Samuel Dupre with Orleans police responded and went back to the club with them, where he “attempted to get the deputies to investigate the incident” for reasons he lists in his report: they were working at the location, they knew about what had happened, knew which witnesses were there, and knew where any surveillance cameras would be. But, Dupre wrote, “the deputies made no attempt to investigate the incident.” Later, Dupre goes into detail about how little interest the deputies showed. Emphasis added is mine.

As an employee exited the club, Sergeant Dupre observed three deputies working a detail at the club. One was a fully uniformed deputy and two more deputies were wearing black deputy T-shirts. Sergeant Dupre spoke to Deputy Holliday about the incident and was advised that he needed to speak to his supervisor by phone to determine whether he would assist with the investigation. While Deputy Holliday was on the phone, Sergeant Dupre asked the other deputy about the situation and the deputy quickly backed away from Sergeant Dupre advising that Deputy Holliday was the point of contact for the incident. The deputy stepped up and added that the club was packed and there were about ten Saints players in the club. The surveillance cameras point at the bar and the front door so there is no video of the incident.


Dupre investigates, but his report quickly dovetails into a list of all the things he cannot get because time already has passed. He gets statements from the couple, but the club is already closed with no witnesses to be found. Jordan is gone. An on-duty manager tells Dupre that he can’t get the officer video because he doesn’t have a password but will “get the surveillance video for him as soon as he could.” It ends on dry note: “Any additional information shall be submitted in a supplemental report.”

Jordan’s lawyer has since release a statement calling the allegations “ridiculous” and claiming that the player “did not commit any criminal offense whatsoever.” The full report is below.


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