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Despite being tased three times by police, Miami Dolphins DE Derrick Shelby was chatting away at the hospital about his night, including the hooker he "raw dogged," according to additional police reports released today.

Fort Lauderdale police arrested Shelby last Saturday and charged him with trespassing after a warning and resisting without violence. Shelby had been at Cyn Nightclub, where security said he touched a woman inappropriately, and was arrested and tased after he refused to leave, police said. Officers said Shelby looked drunk. Shelby accused the police of brutality.


Officers were with Shelby when he was taken to a local hospital. From today's document dump:

The attending ER physician made contact with Shelby and asked what his injuries were. Shelby responded with "police brutality." The doctor then examined Shelby's facial injuries, which included a lacerated lip. The physician stated Shelby would need stitches to which Shelby replied "leave that shit I wanna see what that shit is gonna look like later!"


Shelby eventually did get treatment and kept talking, saying out loud, "I need a Z-Pak." (That's a prepackaged five-day course of the antibiotic azithromycin.) The nurse asked him why.

"Listen, I fucked a hooker at the club and don't want to catch anything. I raw dogged her so I need something to kill that shit."


The report does not say if Shelby got the Z-Pak.

As for Shelby's claim of police brutality, the report notes that Shelby was recording what happened with his cell phone. Fort Lauderdale police did release security camera footage from outside the club, which doesn't show much. Police did not release any cell phone video.


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