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Corey Brewer Celebrates Two-Handed Flush With A Kick To Torrey Craig's Head

In a 126-110 losing effort against the Denver Nuggets, Corey Brewer proved to be one of the bright spots for the Philadelphia 76ers on Saturday. The 32-year-old wing put up 20 points, six rebounds and secured four steals in his 32 minutes of action. But his most impressive highlight was the one technical foul—the only one of the game—he recorded on the stat sheet.

Brewer found a lane to the basket with only the vertically-challenged Nikola Jokic standing in his way. With a quick burst of speed, he charged towards the rim and threw down a two-handed dunk. In celebration, he let out a strong yell and lifted himself up with the rim. During that moment, Nuggets forward Torrey Craig got in perfect position under the rim to be on the receiving end of Brewer’s return swing and got kicked in the back of the head as a result.


Most techs assessed in today’s era of the NBA are usually pretty soft, but not this one. For first time in my life, I found myself agreeing with the officials, and understood why something like hanging on the rim could deserve the call. On the other hand, you’ve got to understand that Brewer is a veteran on a 10-day contract so he’s probably excited about playing again and relishing every minute of game time he gets—an emotion that sometimes yields hazardous results.

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