Corey Seager Had Himself A Night

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Rather than let his teammate and likely future rookie of the year Cody Bellinger continue to steal the spotlight, reigning rookie of the year Corey Seager yanked it back tonight. While Bellinger hit a milestone of his own in the team’s 12-0 win over the Mets, Seager made sure he was unequivocally the hero.

He started with a two-run dinger in the first inning...


...added a solo shot in the fourth...


and finally smashed a third home run in the fifth.


And there was a double somewhere in there, too. He then came pretty close not just to a fourth home run but to a grand slam, on a long fly ball with the bases loaded in the sixth. Alas, a man can only do so much in one night—but becoming the first Dodgers shortstop with six RBI in one game in more than half a century ain’t too bad.