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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Corn Maze To Derek Jeter: "Thanks, Captain Clutch"

Illustration for article titled Corn Maze To Derek Jeter: Thanks, Captain Clutch

If you've ever wanted to know what Derek Jeter's regal face might look like as a five-acre corn maze, today is your lucky day. A New Jersey farm decided that instead of some boring-ass corn maze for kids to get lost in—while their parents wonder how they found themselves at 45 years old, wasting 10 bucks and a crisp autumn Saturday drinking fake apple cider in a dirt parking lot while their kids get lost—they'd make the maze look like Derek Jeter.

There are two different paths you can take through the Jeter maze. The first is shorter, and includes an anti-bullying message from Spookley the pumpkin. The longer route is for the more adventurous types, and it might take an hour to get through the words "THANKS CAPTAIN CLUTCH" or Jeter's No. 2 on a pinstripe background.


The same farm has done similar sports-related mazes before, the Scarlet Knight and a Rutgers quarterback visited a Rutgers-themed maze in 2010. In that maze, the farm spelled out the team's motto back then, "keep choppin'." It's a shame they didn't follow the same protocol here and go with Jeter's motto. I would visit that corn maze.

Here's Derek Jeter's face in a 5-acre N.J. corn maze []

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