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A few months ago, the board of governors of the Chester Valley Golf Club considered widening the scope of the club's dress code to include denim. But what kind of ramifications would such a radical change bring? Would the club be plunged into chaos? Perhaps! Such questions left the board of governors with only one option: a meticulously monitored trial period.


From the club's website:

The Chester Valley Board of Governors would like to thank the membership for their input during the denim trial period. The trial period allowed the board better insight into the ramifications of such a change to our dress code.

We tracked usage, sales and percent of diners wearing denim among other factors. Usage and sales figures for the March-April period were stable despite poor weather. Denim usage was tracked and hovered on average around 10% of diners with higher percentages on weekends. The dress code, as detailed in our by-laws with the inclusion of acceptable denim, was strictly enforced during the three month trial. The impact on the overall dining experience at the club was inconclusive.


Inconclusive! What a cruel twist of fate, to be left with no answers after all those months of charting denim usage and its myriad effects on day-to-day life at the country club. This is like if Jane Goodall had returned from the jungle without any insight into the family structures of chimpanzees. But the board of governors will not end their quest for knowledge. Science must prevail!

In an effort to make the most informed decision, the Board of Governors has decided to extend the trial period through the end of calendar year 2013. This will help provide a more complete picture of the potential modification of the dress code.

Country clubs are weeeeeird.

Photo via Chester Valley Golf Course

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