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Inspired by this photo of New York Knicks malcontents Stephon Marbury and Steve Francis, deranged NBA blogger J.E. Skeets imagines what a sideline conversation between the two might go like.

Stephon: Coach Brown. What a dick, eh?.
Steve: Oh, yeah. Ha-ha. Coach Brown. Thought you we re talking about
Stephon: Can you believe this guy? Calling Starbury out in the media like that.
Steve: Yeah ...
Stephon: Fuck he really gets under Starbury s skin.
Steve: Oh, well I ve got a great body wash you could borrow if you think it d
Stephon: FUCK!!!
Steve: Um, okay ... I m going to just stop talking now ...

Much, much entertainment. And for more Starbury-Franchise hilarity, enjoy the PhotoShop stylings of YAYSports!

We hope this Knicks season never ends.

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