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Cowboys QB Jon Kitna Doesn't Think You're "A Real Man" If You're Totally Into Laptop Porn

So, the XXX Church, a non-profit that seeks "to help people of all ages who are being assaulted by pornography," has apparently renamed Feb. 6 "Porn Sunday."

Here's what its website says about its efforts to get participating-church pews filled with those who suffer from porn addiction and whatnot on "Super Bowl Sunday" ...

This is the chance to bring hope to those who are struggling with pornography. For some it is ludicrous to link three X's with church and for others it is long overdue. The one undeniable truth that can't be ignored is the blatant push for all things sexual in our society. Porn Sunday seeks to drive the conversation about pornography into our churches, families and lives.


And here's a video in which Jon Kitna, Matt Hasselbeck and other football-related folks kind of talk about being seduced by dirty people who fornicate for filming purposes.


National PornSunday Teaser from XXXchurch on Vimeo.

Since "conversation about pornography" probably doesn't translate into "debate your five favorite Paris Kennedy screen moments," here are some FAQs answered by XXX "leader" Craig Gross ...

Q: I don't know if my church is ready for this yet.
A: Take a risk. The freedom and healing for the people in pew is worth it.

Q: Doesn't the title and approach trivialize a serious topic?
A: It actually does the opposite. People will laugh a little but in the end they will walk away equipped to deal with a tough issue in their lives.

Q: Why is an elephant the mascot?
A: Porn is the elephant in the pew. The thing everyone wants and needs to hear from the church on, but continually does not.

Q: Will the press show up at my church?
A: Maybe. If you send out a press release (included) and promote the weekend well.

Q: Isn't pornography a men's only issue and be dealt with at a mens breakfast?
A: Definitely not. There are women who struggle greatly with pornography and also there are women who need to hear a message of hope because their husbands are in way too deep.

Q: What age group is PornSunday appropriate for?
A: Middle school and up appropriate. The average age a child sees pornography is age 11.


Do you have a FA question that's gone unanswered? Contact XXX Church via email at or phone at 702-974-1690.

Oh, and if you were honoring Porn Sunday just for a chance to meet Packer Ryan Pickett, sorry to disappoint you, but the Super Bowl was just more important to him. [Fox Sports]


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