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Cowboys vs. Seahawks: 1st Quarter

- The biggest reason I'm excited about this game is that it's the last I'll have to see this year of Jerome Bettis.

- Why the hell is Shaun Alexander always smiling so damn much? Nothing against Shaun Alexander, but I sort of hope something bad happens to him, just so I can see what his face looks like when he isn't smiling. Quick, Andrea Kremer... flash him.


- Peter King likes to point at the camera and make seafood jokes.

- I wasn't going to watch this game, but then Pink came on. And as it turns out, she's been waiting all season for a Wild Card fight. So, if she's that excited about it, then I guess I am, too.

- Less than a minute into the game, Matt Hasselbeck is already the most effective quarterback of the entire NFL day.

- The Seahawks drive stalls inside the five, as Hasselbeck wasn't able to connect with Nate Burleson on the play. Josh Brown sticks the field goal, gives Seattle a 3-0 lead, and looks at the camera and mouths the words, "Eat shit, Tynes."


- For some reason, the Cowboys are picking on Pete Hunter, the Seattle DB who was working as a loan officer at this time last week. Romo goes to Terry Glenn on consecutive plays, both of them hit Glenn in the numbers, and just one of them was caught. The drive stalled on an incompletion to Terrell Owens while Glenn was streaking down the field wide open.

- And Hasselbeck turns around and gives the ball right back to the Cowboys with an interception to Anthony Henry. Hasselbeck has been very consistent with his inconsistency. I might have to scratch what I said about him being the most effective QB of the NFL day.


- Here comes Martin Gramatica for the field goal attempt from 50 yards... and look at that, little Martin knocks it home. I would have bet against the little fella making that one in the wind and rain. Chad Pennington should let him borrow his Comeback Player of the Year Award, at least for a weekend.

- There's a new Subway commercial Jared and WWF Champion John Cena... they don't have nearly the on-screen chemistry as Jared and Michael Strahan. I just hate to see one of the all-time on-screen couples broken up.


- Oooh, there's Matt Hasselbeck's mom in the stands. ESPN The Magazine should do a photo essay sometime of the hottest NFL moms. My money's on Mrs. Hasselbeck in that one. Screen cap coming soon.

- Tony Romo throws a good pass to Jason Witten in traffic... Witten is hit from both sides, and fumbles it. Madden describes Witten as "the baloney in that sandwich." He's still got that Subway commercial on his mind.

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