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Cowboys vs. Seahawks: 2nd Quarter

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- There are the Hasselbeck ladies. Obviously, they're pretty bundled up and it's hard to tell, but... I think Hasselbeck's mom might have a slight edge in that matchup. I can't make the call from here.

- Tony Romo and Terrell Owens are begging the officials to give them credit for a completion that they didn't make. That leaves Romo at 4-of-11 on the day, and this one's looking like it might be just as much of an ugger as the last one.


- Matt Hasselbeck comes up short on a 3rd down tuck-and-run... but Cowboys corner Nathan Jones gets called for a hold in the secondary to gift them a first down. Jones was not a loan officer last week, but he may be one next week.

- But the Seahawks can't make anything of it, and we'll see another field goal attempt. Today's a great day for you if you love field goal kicking. Josh Brown is once again true, and Seattle leads 6-3. But stay tuned, John Madden says there are still many dikes to be fingered.

- What's with all the bright green gloves in the stands? Is this because of Deion Branch's Hulk Hands gloves?

- Rookie linebacker Bobby Carpenter makes an excellent play to drop Shaun Alexander in the backfield. He's been maybe the most valuable Cowboy thus far today. The Seahawks are in another punting situation, and... that LSU/UConn game on ESPN is starting to look better and better. Romo's 4-of-12 and Hasselbeck is 7-of-19.


- Seattle's got a little bit of a drive going here at the 2:00 warning. Tony Romo's in a little bit of a groove, he's completely a few in a row. I have not yet given up hope on seeing a first half touchdown in one of these games today. The dream is alive.

- 3rd and 2 for Dallas in Seattle territory... Romo drops back, throws, and the ball bounces off Terrell Owens' hands. You know, if I can't have a touchdown, I will accept a massive Terrell Owens failure. Parcells calls timeout, and he might go for this... depending on how much faith he has in little Martin Gramatica.


- They do go for it, and Tony Romo stands tall in the pocket and gets the ball to Jason Witten over the middle. Ballsy call, and a nice throw by Romo. First down Cowboys, inside the five. They've got 24 seconds and 1 timeout.

- And we do get a touchdown... great effort there by Patrick Crayton, who powers out of a tackle and then stretches the ball out over the goal line. The Cowboys lead 10-6, with 11 seconds left in the half. Seattle's going to take a knee... and we're headed to halftime. I'm gonna go hang out with Jared and John Cena for a little while.

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