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Cowboys vs. Seahawks: 4th Quarter

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- The Cowboys are opening the quarter with a punt here. They're up by four with 15:00 to play. I would really love to see an exciting finish here. After that early game, frankly, I think we all deserve it.

- Oh, wow. Matt Hasselbeck throws to D.J. Hackett, it goes over his head, and Terrence Newman reaches up and tips the ball back to Roy Williams. Roy Williams, however, I don't think had his feet in bounds. This isn't going to stand up... it's too bad, that would've made a hell of a highlight.


- Actually, I guess it might stand up. NBC uses their extreme zoom-in, and they've found an angle where it looks like Williams' foot stays in. Man, the people in Seattle are going to flip out about this. But hey, it's been about a year since the Seattle fanbase threw a hissy-fit about being screwed by the officials. They're due.

- The Cowboys are using Julius Jones and Marion Barber to pound it on the ground here in the 4th quarter. They've driven it down inside the Seahawks 10, and have a crucial 3rd and 1 here...

- And the Seahawks defense holds. Their line just caved in the Cowboys line, and there was nowhere for Marion Barber to go. Bigtime play there, and little Martin Gramatica comes on to make it a 20-13 game.

- Jared and Strahan, baby! I was worried that they weren't going to show that commercial anymore on network television... I thought maybe it was only for Lifetime and WE. God, you could cut the sexual tension between those two with a knife. And then you could use that knife to spread some delicious honey mustard on a Subway sandwich that has more meat.


- And a big pass interference call here on the Cowboys gives the Seahawks the ball at the 1-year-line. Bill Parcells is arguing that the ball was uncatchable, and... eh, I dunno, Bill. I don't think that was the case, and if it was, let's give the Seahawks the benefit of the doubt on this one. I couldn't take another off-season of Holmgren bitching.

- 4th and goal for the Seahawks, and they're going to go for it. Ballsy... and Hasselbeck drops back, is flushed from the pocket, and throws to the front corner of the endzone... it's badly incomplete. Hasselbeck wants, and this will surprise you, a penalty flag. Maybe. Or maybe you shouldn't have bounced the ball at the pylon.


- Oh, dear God... Terry Glenn on a little screen pass from their own 2. He stumbles, gets up, gets hit, the ball comes out, and this is madness... The ball is tipped around and eventually thrown back away from the sideline, and a Seattle guy recovers it for what's ruled on the field a touchdown. I'm sure that Bill Parcells is going to challenge the hell out of this one... One of the stranger plays of the season. But we'll be going to commercial before we see any replays.

- Al Michaels, who I almost always want to punch in the face, is actually doing a pretty good job of breaking down this replay. Al is calling for a safety, and a safety it is. So it's 20-15 now, and Dallas will be punting the ball to Seattle from their own 20. 6:32 to play.


- My goodness. Matt Hasselbeck finds Jerramy Stevens deep over the middle, splitting the cover two with a linebacker trying to cover Stevens... and that didn't work. Great throw by Hasselbeck to Stevens, and somewhere, Joey Porter is screaming "PUSSY!" at his television screen.

- Seattle's going for two. Hasselbeck ends up throwing the ball from his own 25 on the two-point attempt. No good, and the Seahawks lead by a point.


- There are just over 3 minutes remaining here in the 4th quarter, and a Romo-to-Owens completion just got the Cowboys to the Seattle 46. And on the next play, Parcells calls for a draw play to Julius Jones, and he's past the first level... down to the 10 yard line. This is exciting. I feel tingly. 2:00 warning.

- Complete to Jason Witten at the 1-yard-line, and that spot is HUGE. Looked like a fairly kind spot of the ball to Jason Witten. I'm surprised that they're not reviewing this spot upstairs here. Oh, wait, I guess they are.


- No matter which way that replay goes, that was a ballsy-as-hell play call, to put the ball in the air right there. I don't know if there are any angles here that are definitive, but it looks to me like Witten was a little bit short.

- And Seattle gets the call... replay overturns it, and they rule that Witten was short. Credit Lofa Tatupu for the tackle, and... man, that's a borderline call. Anyway, here comes little Martin Gramatica. I'm not sure that Parcells and Gramatica have ever met.


- Gramatica's kick is up, NO IT IS NOT. Tony Romo botched the snap, and then took off running... he was hit and fumbled, and... man, this game is a giant clusterfuck. That's all on Romo, too. Ball just slipped out of his hands. Jesus. And for a second there, it looked like Romo was going to score. But Jordan Babineaux caught him from behind and tripped him up. Crazy.

- Tony Romo's sitting on the bench, staring at the ground, and no one's saying a word to him. I'd imagine that whatever's happening over at right now is pretty amusing. And finally, someone comes over to comfort Romo... man, it hurts my soul to look at him right now. Poor bastard.


- Dallas has :08 left to field a punt, and then figure out a way to score... which isn't going to happen. Of course, if someone has Romo like nerves on the Seattle punt team, something crazy could happen.

- He did punt it out of bounds... so there are :02 seconds here, and the punt went out of at the 50. One shot, here we go... and it falls harmlessly to the blue turf in the endzone. Man, that's a rough one for Tony Romo. That's the kind of thing that can fuck up a guy's head for the rest of his career. I'm gonna go pray for him.


- By the way, it's been fun... and we're going to do this all again tomorrow. G'nite, gang.

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