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Beano Cook is an American treasure, and nearly 66% of you agreed with that assessment about two years ago. From his rapier wit to his extensive knowledge of the game, Cook deserves our respect. But, let's have some fun instead.


Cook occasionally files a video report for, aptly named "Cookin' With Beano" that bears a remarkable similarity to Andy Rooney's end of show screeds on 60 Minutes. Popular topics include: curling, the proper amount of compensation for college football coaches, Joe Namath and the NCAA Tournament. He's been doing these pieces at a greater clip in 2010 and hopefully he'll keep chugging along. They're worth a look, but if you don't have the time, please enjoy this irreverent remix of some of his greatest hits.

This is what the future will be like when your uncle calls you on your video phone.


So concludes our broadcast day. Beware of the man in shades.

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