Craven WaPo Reporters Praise Trump's Press Secretary For Lying With More Composure This Time

Photo credit: Pablo Martinez/AP
Photo credit: Pablo Martinez/AP

Get a load of these sorry quisling motherfuckers.

The reviews are in for insane lying press secretary Sean Spicer’s second performance as the bullhorn of America’s new illegitimate white-nationalist government, and here are Washington Post staffers Chris Cillizza and Karen Tumulty—reporters, at least nominally, for one of the most powerful press organs in the country—praising him:


Not for being more forthright or truthful than in the unhinged truth-free rant he delivered after Donald Trump’s inauguration, of course—he was neither—but for being “solid” and “professional” and for showing “aplomb” in his duties as the guy who stands between the press and the president and makes sure the former knows nothing of consequence about what the latter is doing. (Quasi-professional spastic horse’s ass Piers Morgan tweeted praise for Spicer’s performance as well, but nobody gives a fuck.)

This is how the Trump administration will put over the dismantling of American civil society for the next four years: by banking on whipped, boot-licking reporters so committed to the performance of empty impartiality and the maintenance of access that they will praise the press secretary for seeming more comfortable lying to them and insulting them than he did the last time.

Maybe it’s possible for someone to do a “good” job of acting out the president’s contempt for the American public. Sure. Fine. If that’s so, let his boss—and not his fucking targets—compliment him for it.