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Barry mentioned this earlier, but here's video of Elisabeth Hasselbeck putting on her tin-foil hat and saying it's fishy that the Brett Favre story broke the week Favre was playing the Jets. It's the dumbest conspiracy theory Favre's junk has caused.


Hasselbeck wonders why the story leaked when it did, on the eve of the Vikings-Jets game. The implication, I guess, is that someone gave us the photos and voicemails to drum up interest in the game, because, as we all know, Monday Night Football is an otherwise obscure, little-watched television broadcast of a peculiar niche sport. This is a corollary of the even-crazier theory going around that we — or our sources — are secret Jets sympathizers trying to screw with the Vikings. Whitlock got in on the action in his chat today:

That theory makes a childish kind of sense, but among other things it ignores the pretty obvious fact that the Jets look really, really bad here, especially in the wake of the Ines Sainz business. If she were so inclined, Jenn Sterger would have a pretty solid sexual harassment case against the team. For the Jets to open themselves up to a lawsuit by leaking us the photos, well, they'd be exposing themselves far more than Favre ever did.


C'mon, people. Occam's razor and all that.

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