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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Cristiano Ronaldo's Sister On Red Card: "They Want To Destroy My Brother, But God Never Sleeps"

Illustration for article titled Cristiano Ronaldos Sister On Red Card: They Want To Destroy My Brother, But God Never Sleeps
Screenshot: Katia Aveiro (Instagram )

Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister Katia Aveiro, who previously said that people who vandalized a statue of her brother on their home island of Madeira should be exiled to Syria, has defended her brother on social media again. This time, she did so after he was sent off in Juventus’s Champions League match against Valencia for what was in fairness the softest red card ever.


“A football disgrace...justice will be done...they want to destroy my brother, but God never sleeps,” she wrote on Instagram. “Disgraceful.”


Yesterday she posted a a defense of her defense, writing (according to Google translate):

There are things I will never understand !!! Is it abnormal for me to defend what I believe? MY BROTHER ??????? I will defend I will say yes, ridiculous is abnormal, I will defend my brother support my brother, I will defend yes, I will speak yes if I think I should do it, I do it in private so many times , but today was in public because the injustice was also, many in this world do not know what love is, but I will rather hit the front of those who hurt mine .... every tear that he lies is one more pain in my heart, and I assure you mine also hurt you, I’m going to scream out loud what’s going on in my soul (no one is obliged to see me or to listen to me), whether they agree or not ?? I do not care, mine are my whole life, I was born from the same mother and father that it hurts, it hurts yes, it hurts injustice, it hurts to question a professional, a man who respects football as few as a man who gives the spectacle that is king sport, it is shameful to be asked not to feel what is naturally in me, (I and thousands of brothers without being blood, but who also feel the injustice) I will defend yes, until the end of my days to him and to the others that belong to me, we have already cried and everyone has also ached, so I will complain, I will be outraged until it does not hurt and if someone was bothered with it, I am sorry but the pain of it is me that I feel and only I know .. my warrior my fighter my example of brother son father and friend ... you are a professional of the other planet and nobody will break it .... respect those who work, respect the football respect the professional ... Signed the proudest sister in the world

Reporter at Deadspin.

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