Cristiano Ronaldo's Sister Wants To Exile The People Who Vandalized Her Brother's Statue To Syria

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The enormous, bronze, big-dicked statue that stands in honor of Cristiano Ronaldo in his home town was vandalized Monday, as some rascals painted Lionel Messi’s name on its back. Ronaldo’s sister had some very, very, very strong words for the culprits.


Here’s a picture of the damage, the inspiration for which was certainly Messi’s Ballon d’Or win earlier that day:

Ronaldo’s sister, Kátia Aveiro, took to Twitter to post a scathing rebuke of the punks responsible. Her message was long and rambling, and ... well, we’ll just show you some of the highlights. As translated by the Daily Mail (emphasis mine):

‘I find the act in itself a disgrace but what I find more shameful is the envy that surrounds him and the anger that some unloved and frustrated pig-headed people display in public in a disgraceful way which leaves me embarrassed and sad as a Portuguese person.

‘The people that are responsible for this and other negative things directed towards this person should know that our island was recently voted the world’s leading island destination not just for the beautiful sea that surrounds us, nor for the marvellous gastronomy we also have nor the warm Madeiran welcome.

‘It was in part thanks to this great Madeiran figure that honours his origins and from time to time emphasises it in public.

‘Most of us should thank and salute to this man, it’s thanks to him that a lot of Madeirenses still have their jobs.

My beautiful island, regrettably, is still inhabited by some frustrated savages who deserve to live in Syria, between people that show no respect and hold no value for life in society.

‘I apologise for the ones who live the sadness of war, but I believe some people don’t belong on the land they live in.’

The vandals, who as of now remain unknown, had better hope the police track them down before the Aveiro crew finds them. If Kátia is willing to advocate for their exile to Syria in public, who knows what kind of punishment she’d dream up in private.

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