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Cuban Plays Dress Like A Pirate Day

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Apparently, Dallas Mavericks whack-job owner blogger Mark Cuban has interest in buying the Pittsburgh Pirates. Cuban is from the Pittsburgh area, which we'll confess we didn't know; we imagined him sprung forth, fully grown, from the Internet, like The Lawnmower Man or something. Anyway, Cuban — who turns 47 at the end of this month — says it would be a lifelong dream to own the Pirates.

"If they ever decided to sell, I'd definitely be interested in taking a look," Cuban said. "But I'm certainly not the type to be proactive about it because that's not fair to [Pirates owner] Kevin [McClatchy].

"They've done their best with the Pirates, getting the stadium built. I think the Pirates have a great young nucleus for the future."


The Pirates emphasize that they're not, actually, for sale, per se, but come on: Doesn't this have to happen? We love the idea of Cuban and commissioner Bud Selig discussing fiscal sanity. Oh, man, do we love it.

Cuban Interested If Pirates For Sale [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

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