Cucked Penguin's Insane Revenge Fight Is The Horror Movie Of The Year

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The good people at National Geographic host a program called “Animal Fight Night.” Reader, it is exactly what you’d expect.

This evening, they posted a three-minute clip of the latest episode, in which a penguin gets cucked, then gets into a violent fight with the cucker. Penguins are perhaps best known for singing, dancing, and looking cuddly in animated movies, or perhaps from that scene in Planet Earth where they basically hug for an entire winter, but this video shows the other side of the penguin. And that other side is violent as fuck. Penguin wings are essentially only there for bludgeoning, per this video.

Before you go any further, a warning: this fight is on the graphic side.


Nature is disgusting and I am spending all weekend inside. Anyway, here’s a good tweet.