Curt Schilling Blames Government For Pointing Out That 38 Studios Was Broke

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Not a great month for Curt Schilling. Forget all that business about his video game company missing payroll, missing loan payments, bouncing a check, and laying off every single employee. You know whose fault those were? The government, for going public with the bad news. Earlier this week Schilling called the governor's remarks "devastating," claiming that a publisher backed out of a $35 million deal to finance a sequel to the studio's moderately successful Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Or as our buddy Pareene puts it,

If the governor hadn't pointed out publicly that the company was out of money, no one would have noticed that they were out of money, and they could have attracted investors from the private sector, who are of course chomping at the bit to throw money at a video game company founded by a former professional baseball player that successfully released one game in six years.

If you ask Schilling, I bet you he'd say the absolute worst thing to come from this is his newly open calendar next week. For some reason, Schilling was going to be part of the ceremonies in Normandy, France, unveiling the statue of D-Day hero Dick Winters, from Band of Brothers fame. Now he's either pulled out or been disinvited, and won't be around to celebrate "the second man I ever held in such idolization after my father." At least Curt's Xbox still loves him.