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Curt Schilling Faces The Blog Music

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Yesterday wasn't the most pleasant day to be a Red Sox fan — a friend of ours who loves the Sox was lamenting last night that "the season is over;" Red Sox fans are the best — and no one took it harder than Curt Schilling himself.

[Gil Meche] pitched a hell of a game and hats off to the KC fans, this towns always been a great baseball city with great sports fans, pretty sure the day and the standing O will be lifetime memories, just always hope you aren't the guy on the other side when someone has one of those kinds of days. I never let us get into the game after the first. Every inning they pushed and I didn't push back.


We like to make fun of Schilling here, but we can't deny that it's fascinating to watch a guy write a long blog entry about how he got knocked around by the Royals. The guy's candid, to say the least; we can't help but wonder, though, if he pitches that poorly all year, if he'll really keep writing about it afterwards. Can a pitcher have a blog breakdown? Stay tuned.

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