Photo: AP

Former MLB pitcher and avid meme curator Curt Schilling made the most out of this week’s Democratic National Convention. On Twitter, Schilling followed along with the speeches, shared memes, and told the sheeple to wake up.

Here’s a good one from Sunday, before the convention:

When the event actually started, Curt got down to business. Here he is calling someone—presumably Hillary Clinton—a felonious assclown:

Schilling also committed the most vile act a person can do on the internet. He compared politics to Game of Thrones:

Curt received a photoshop of Clinton as Cersei Lannister, but this time, he called her Cersei Clinton:

Stick with one name if you want it to catch on, Curt.

During a speech, Curt referenced the national debt:

Good one.

Enough of Curt’s screeches, though. The memes are what matters. He loved these ones enough to tweet them out this week:

And, according to Curt, the most perfect meme of them all: