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Cyclist Jens Voigt Breaks Record With Over 204 Laps In An Hour

German cyclist Jens Voigt rode 51.115 kilometers—or almost 32 miles—in an hour at the Velodrome Suisse in Switzerland tonight. It's tiring to just read those words. The 43-year-old became the first to break 50 kilometers since the Union Cycliste Internationale changed the requirements in May.

Though the "best human effort," which has no restrictions, still belongs to Chris Boardman, who rode 56.375 kilometers in an hour in 1996, Voigt's is the best that meets the current UCI rules. Let Cycling News explain:

The feat was the first since the UCI unified the rules for the hour record in May, allowing the record to be attempted on a bike that meets the current rules for individual pursuit, rather than restricting records to the previous two categories, the hour record, which specified no aerodynamic equipment, and the "best human effort", which allowed upright bicycle frames with certain aerodynamic enhancements.


You can watch the feat above.

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