Czech Refs Show Up To Work Drunk, Stumble And Piss All Over The Field, Get Fired

Not all refereeing positions are made equal. Running around with the players in the middle of the action as the head ref is probably cool, but being parked on the sideline as an assistant must be boring. Two Czech men cast in these less-than-glamorous roles decided to spice up their day by getting sloshed before a game in the country’s top division. Their plan worked too well.


The swaying, tripping star of the video above is Marek Pilny. He’s the most obviously drunk member of the team, walking up and down the sideline for absolutely no reason—he was the fourth official who is supposed to just stand there between the two teams’ benches—and even at one point started shadowing the linesman:

According to the Telegraph, when match officials first realized Pilny’s state of inebriation they put a bodyguard on him to make sure he didn’t cause any damage to anything other than his quickly nosediving reputation. Eventually, though, the bodyguard had to drag him off the pitch:

Pilny never returned to the match.

About 50 seconds into the video up top, you’ll see a brief shot of another assistant who giggles to himself, makes some funny faces, then tries to straighten himself up in that textbook, unsteady, Heh, damn, I’m totally wasted but I bet nobody can tell manner. That man is Jiri Jech. Though he was more successful at feigning to do his job—he was never pulled off the pitch like Pilny—his questionable behavior did not go completely overlooked. People tend to notice when you appear to whip out your weiner and whizz right there on the field:

The Czech FA has acknowledged the two ref’s behavior and have already preliminarily punished them, pending an investigation. For their antics, the two men stand to lose their refereeing licenses. As the head of the FA remarked, “They were not tipsy, they were drunk. They don’t exist for us any more.”