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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

D-3 SUNY Cortland Wins Rivalry Game On Muffed FG Turned Touchdown

Down three on fourth down in the final seconds against Ithaca College, SUNY Cortland lined-up for a game-tying field goal. "Lined-up" is really a misnomer here, as the field goal team seemed very confused, and the holder plum forgot for a few seconds that he was supposed to be playing. When the snap eventually came it was a low one, making a field goal attempt impossible. So holder Luke Hinton made lemonade out of a whole bunch of sour lemons, and threw the ball for the game-winning touchdown. That's much better than a field goal!

With the win SUNY Cortland retains the Cortaca Jug—the trophy the two teams have played for since 1959—for the fifth straight year. Last year's win led to 30 arrests as SUNY Cortland students and fans took to the streets of Cortland to celebrate the win.

via SUNY Cortland

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