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Last month, ex-Browns QB Johnny Manziel reached a deal with prosecutors to dismiss a domestic violence charge brought against him by his former girlfriend, Colleen Crowley. The terms of the agreement said he had to seek treatment for anger issues and counseling on substance abuse, as well as avoid contact with Crowley for a year.

On New Year’s Eve, as TMZ first reported, both Crowley and Manziel celebrated at Miami Beach club LIV. TMZ published now-deleted Snapchat footage that shows both of them at the club, although they don’t show if the two had any contact with each other. The Dallas County District Attorney’s Office told TMZ they plan to investigate, saying they are “currently reviewing the information and case to ensure that he is compliant with his terms.”


Manziel’s told ESPN in June that he hoped his “druggie” son would go to jail. TMZ also posted photos from the night, and in them Manziel doesn’t look like he’s doing well.


As for Manziel himself, TMZ reported that he posted this Snapchat after their first report:

Manziel posted part of the restraining order against him on Snapchat and wrote ... “She knows LIV on Sunday is church! Pfff surprised she was even able to get in without me.” There was nothing on the order he posted that said he has to stay away from Crowley ... just that he can’t talk to her.

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