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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Because the land of Red Sox fans is an intense one, one that we approach gingerly and with palms spread wide open, we don't want any trouble here, we feel like we should check in on the Daisuke Matsuzaka business. We enjoy that the Red Sox Nation is up in arms and screaming about a player who suddenly holds the key to everything they hold dear, even though only a small fraction of them have ever seen him pitch. (Soxaholix seems keenly aware of how dangerous a game Red Sox fans are playing.)

Anyway, we keep hearing reports from Michael Silverman from The Boston Herald that Matsuzaka is on a plane to Boston, but we can't confirm them, because the Herald's Web site is down right now, something that is probably causing their Web editors to bash their heads against the wall. (We know the feeling.) Regardless, the deadline is tomorrow, so soon this will all be over and we'll be able to get on with our lives. With this in Boston and Iverson in Philadelphia, the anticipation out there is decreasing productivity on the East Coast to NCAA Tournament levels. Is D-Mat on a plane or not? Does A.I. know there are bowling alleys in Minneapolis? The questions we obsess over, sports fans, are why this is all so great and maddening.


Doctor, Doctor [Soxaholix]

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