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Dad Of The Year Referees Son's Street Fight, Attacks Kid After Son Loses

Before we dive in, let's play Ohio Or Florida! It's Florida.

Palm Bay, Florida, to be exact, which is something like the Florida of Florida. Gary Johnson, who we were shocked to learn is gainfully employed as an emergency room technician, apparently moonlights as an organizer and referee of backyard brawls. When a local 16-year-old came over to face Johnson's teenage son in a shirtless fight (because that's how these things go, you see), he probably didn't expect to face a wifebeater-clad Johnson as well.


After his son submitted, Johnson jumped in, pummeling the prone 16-year-old. The most telling detail in this is that Johnson's son had to hold his father back. Johnson told police he was only there to "monitor" the fight to make sure it was fair. Police didn't buy it, and Johnson is charged with aggravated battery, child abuse, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Sadly, the local news has taken down their video of the incident, perhaps because it was video of a grown man trying to bludgeon a teenager. But YouTube video supposedly still exists. If you can find it, please let us know.

Dad Caught On Camera Beating Teen In Backyard Brawl [WFTV]

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