Dak Prescott Gets Sacked By His Own Lineman While Standing Upright

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Dak Prescott Sacked By Own Lineman

The officials in tonight’s Cowboys-Rams game made their own avant-garde contribution to the NFL’s constantly expanding reality. Is a catch a catch if no one recovers what is later ruled a fumble? Did a play actually end on the one-inch line if it was originally ruled a touchdown? And now: can a quarterback be ruled down “in the grasp” of his own teammate?

That’s how Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott was sacked shortly before halftime tonight, which you can watch in the video at the top of this post. Prescott successfully evaded pressure and was briefly, protectively wrapped up by Dallas lineman La’el Collins. Despite the Rams barely getting a hand on Prescott, Collins hugging him led the officials to blow the play dead. Mike Pereira—the only TV rules expert who actually knows the rules—said that the “in the grasp” rule specifically cites an opponent, so the Cowboys were incorrectly pushed out of field goal range on third down. Dallas punted the next play and currently trails 20-7 at halftime.