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A's pitcher Dallas Braden caused a scene at a public meeting last week, brandishing a baseball bat and yelling about the high crime and lax police response in his hometown of Stockton, Calif. He said his grandmother had been robbed, he had been assaulted in his car, and enough was enough—he's moving out of Stockton.


We don't know if that was more theatrics, or if he'll be following through on his promise, but we do have a little more: the police report from his alleged assault. It took place on Sept. 20, less than a week before his shouting match with the police chief, when Braden confronted officers responding to an unrelated car accident.

I noticed Dallas appeared to be upset and yelling at [California Highway Patrol] Ofc. Wagner regarding Dallas making several attempts to contact police via 911 but was unable to get through. I also heard Dallas saying, "This was road rage...road rage...the guy just ran the red light." I could also see Dallas pointing at a dent on the driver side of his vehicle. Dallas continued to yell at Ofc. Wagner saying, "They kicked my car." [A black Cadillac CTS.]


The officer told Braden that he would help him after dealing with the traffic accident.

At that time, Dallas got very upset and asked me if I knew who he was. I told Dallas I didn't and again I would help him after I was finished with my current call. Dallas shouted out, "I'm Dallas Braden, I'm a multi-millionaire and I pitch for the Oakland A's. I pay your fucking salary. That's why I hate you mother fuckers." I asked SPD dispatch for an additional unit to assist me with Dallas and my current call. While I was waiting, Dallas continued to yell, stating, "I should have cut that mother fucker." It should be noted that I was not able to get a word in with Dallas because he was yelling so much.


Two more cops arrived in their car to assist Braden and take a police report on his assault, but Braden "continued to yell... he refused to listen and said, 'Fuck this...I'm outta here.'" He then drove away. The full police report is below, via

Braden recently completed court-ordered anger management courses, stemming from his guilty plea in a road rage incident of his own last summer. He hasn't pitched in the majors since a shoulder injury suffered in April 2011, and hopes to return by next year's All-Star break.


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