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Before reading this story I had no idea who Dallas talk radio host Greg Williams was or why I'd be remotely interested in how he lost his radio gig and came close to taking his life. With Mike and the Mad Dog's alleged feud getting a ton of attention, this story is worth a read and no one is paying attention. At the very least it offers a great character study of a radio show host making a half million a year, Greg Williams, slowly unraveling.

"Because right now—first things first—the host really wants you to see his pride and joy. His gun collection.

'I should not be allowed to own all these,' says Williams, unlocking a 6-foot-tall safe stockpiled with an arsenal that would make David Koresh blush. 'Nobody should be able to go out and buy an assault rifle. But, because the law says I can, I'm going to take advantage of it.'

Williams beams that he owns $50,000 in weapons. He has a Bonnie 'n' Clyde machine gun replica; an Italian Carcano M91 rifle, the kind that Oswald may or may not have used to shoot JFK; and a Robocop-looking contraption with a red laser scope Williams claims could pierce a coconut across the lake, some 600 yards."


It takes a while to read so dive in and take your time.

The Hard Lie [Dallas Observer]
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