Damon Bruce Was Banned From The Giants' Clubhouse For Taking Creepshots

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We haven't heard much from former KNBR radio host Damon Bruce since he went on a dick-twirling rant during one of his shows. But Bruce's recent move from KNBR to 95.7 The Game elicited a column from the Press Democrat's Lowell Cohn, in which he dishes some serious dirt on Bruce.


According to Cohn, Bruce was banned from the San Francisco Giants' locker room after the team clinched the division in 2012. During the postgame celebration, which featured champagne and beer being sprayed everywhere, Bruce was seen taking creepshots of various wives and girlfriends that were in the locker room.

Here's Cohn:

When the Giants clinched the division, they staged the usual champagne celebration in the clubhouse.

The room was crowded. Wives and girlfriends were there. Some women wore T-shirts and some T-shirts were wet with champagne.

Bruce photographed some women with wet T-shirts and tweeted out the sexually revealing photos — real adolescent behavior.

The Giants were appalled. They informed Bruce his press credential did not entitle him to take photos of women in wet T-shirts and tweet them out. The Giants revoked his credential for the postseason, including the World Series, because his behavior fell short of a professional standard. They banned him from covering the Giants at the crucial moment of the season and banished him from the press box.

Steve Berman of BayAreaSportsGuy.com was also in the locker room during that celebration, and he confirms that Bruce spent the night acting like he was at a wet T-shirt contest:

This is a story I can confirm. Bruce posted at least one photo that, on a normal evening, would've led to some controversy. Maybe not as much as his "sandbox" rant created, but someone would've picked up the story. However, everyone in the Bay Area was focused on the Giants that evening, not Bruce. So the Giants quietly handled the matter, Bruce deleted the tweets, and that was that.


Damon Bruce: pretty gross dude.

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