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Damon Stoudamire: Block Sender

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We were at a bar a couple of weeks ago with some female friends of ours when, out of nowhere, some lady came up to us and asked us what we thought of a particularly brand of vodka. We told her we had no real opinions about it, but she continued, saying it mixed well with "tonic and other carbonated beverages." We thought she might have had some free vodka for us to sample, but alas, all she brought with her was another woman who knew all kinds of arcane facts about this brand of vodka. We weren't sure what they wanted from us; they did nothing but chatter about the vodka until we eventually moved to another section of the bar. Then we realized: We had been victims of ... bar spam.

Along these lines, TrueHoop has a truly fantastic find: Grizzlies guard Damon Stoudamire apparently has a problem with forwarding get-rich-quick spam. Stoudamire sent it to Blazers' beat writer Jason Quick, who then sent it to Oregonian columnist John Canzano, who then wrote about it and then regretfully informed Stoudamire of the Web hoax.


We will not make any jokes about the dangers of stoned emailing, we won't we won't we won't.

Chain Email And Your Ex-Blazers [OregonLive] (via TrueHoop)

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