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Dan Patrick Bites Back (Softly) At Jason Whitlock

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Unamused by Jason Whitlock's "Football Night In America" take-down piece, Dan Patrick fired back at the mighty Whitlock today on his radio show. Patrick was pretty reserved, but seemed a little miffed at how he was painted by Whitlock as a person "who doesn't care about football." Patrick said on air in response, " Don't tell me I don't know how to do highlights."

"My job is not to break down the game," Patrick said. "If i don't know, I'll ask. If Jason doesn't know, he didn't ask. He just wrote it."


Now, when quoted, it appears there's a little feud going on between these two. Not the case at all, according to some of the show's producers. Patrick goes on to say , ”I love Whitlock because he brings an opinion and that he’s not scared. You may not agree with his opinion, but he makes you think.”

In fact, when Patrick starts his summer vacation, Whitlock has been contacted about doing fill-in work. Also, guest-hosting for Patrick during his summer break? None other than Tony Bruno, who will guest host Wednesday through Friday. Glad somebody is finally returning his phone calls.

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