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Digging around the notes columns of the Chicago Sun-Times, The Big Lead thinks they've found what Dan Patrick's next move is. It's not nearly as exciting as we were hoping.

Apparently, he's gonna go the nationally syndicated route.

Dan Patrick, who's leaving the network after 18 years as one of its biggest stars, soon will announce his new deal: He'll continue in radio and launch a new nationally syndicated program via Chicago-based Content Factory. Jimmy deCastro, the former radio czar who ran Evergreen Media, Chancellor Media, AMFM Inc. and America Online, heads the independent media venture.


Frankly, we've never heard of the "Content Factory" — snappy name, though! Creative types love it when you call what they do "content" — and don't quite understand the move for Patrick. Though, frankly, we're probably just still pissy that he didn't take "The Price Is Right" job.

Dan Patrick Already Got A Job [The Big Lead]

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